Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thai singer-Zee

  Thai Name: มั ฑ ณา วี คี แน น
  Real Name: Marcee Matanawee Keenan 
  Age: 23 years old
  Gender: Female
  Date of birth: October 27, 1988 both the Buddhist calendar October 27, 2531
  Constellation: Scorpio
  Height: 165cm
  Weight: 50 ~ 55kg
  Origin: China, Thailand, Indonesia mixed
  Popular singer in Thailand 
  School: Ramkhamhaeng University (มหาวิทยาลัย รามคำแหง)
The colleges: College of Humanities (คณะ มนุษยศาสตร์)
  Favorite color: white black gray red (ขาว - ดำ - เทา - แดง)
  Favorite Hobbies: Mickey Mouse doll, shoes
  Features: Wakeboard, Basketball, Swimming
  Free time like to do: go to the beach tourism; Internet
  The most cherished pet: Fifi ฟี ฟี่ (Pomeranian) favorite snacks: candy, various candy
  Work: shooting print ads and magazine covers

She is more handsome than real men,i love her! And this is my favorite song now.


  1. I totally agree with you!!! I love all her songs!

  2. i love her too!her songs are great but all her videos are so sad..

  3. She's so amazing want to see her in personal. Hope time will allow

  4. All of her songs are my favorite. Wanted to have at least an autograph from her.